Senslytics Showcases Success in Reservoir Assessment with AI at the SPE ATCE Conference and Fuze 2023 in Collaboration with Chevron

Senslytics Corporation proudly presented a collaborative research paper with Chevron at the Society of Petroleum Engineers International Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). This paper, titled "Improved Estimation of Net Pay and Gas to Oil Ratio using Intuition AI with Limited PVT Data", demonstrates significant improvement in gas to oil ratio (GOR) estimation and outlines the success and potential of Intuition AI to enhance the estimation of critical fluid properties.

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In addition to that, Senslytics and Chevron discussed the current challenges in reservoir fluid property estimation and how Senslytics overcame these challenges as part of the Digital Wildcatters Fuze 2023 conference focused on energy tech.

The presentation, titled "Improving Reservoir Estimation with AI," was led by Mayank Malik, representing Chevron, and Blake Bixler, the CEO of Senslytics.