Corrosion Monitoring

Problem: corrosion existence and growth are extremely hard to detect and monitor because assets are not easily accessed. Corrosion can change from slow growth to an exponential growth rate in-between inspections, causing unexpected asset integrity issues. This can result in lost revenue in addition to damage to assets, the environment, and human safety. Determining whether the cause of corrosion is living or non-living is rarely possible prior to a post-mortem assessment, but is critical to knowing how to treat corrosion.

Global damages from corrosion are estimated at $2.5 trillion per year.

Growth in pipelines carrying CO2 and hydrogen will put further emphasis on monitoring asset health due to these products’ increased risk of corrosion/embrittlement.

Why Senslytics: Corrosion exhibits many of the key characteristics that Intuition AI is uniquely positioned to address:

  • Limited data
  • Time-delayed reaction
  • Requires interpretation.
  • High-stakes – deterministic warning is needed.

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